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BCNM 20: Charming Trio
Submitted by sam on Tue, 07/26/2005 - 13:55.

This is a fairly simple and fun BCNM for 3 people. You fight 3 leech-style mobs, and have 15 minutes to complete it. Among the more valuable drops are Mannequin Hands and the Mannequin Head. Read on for one strategy which we have used.

BCNM Name: Charming Trio
BCNM Level cap: 20
Orb required: Cloudy Orb
Location: Giddeus
Maximum Party Size: 3 People
  • Pepper
  • Phoedme
  • Prune
  • Time Limit: 15 minutes
  • Platoon Edge
  • Platoon Disc
  • Gunromaru
  • Platoon Gun
  • Platoon Cutter
  • Platoon Spatha
  • Ganko
  • Platoon Pole
  • Air Spirit Pact
  • Mannequin Head
  • Mannequin Hands
  • Potion
  • Potion +1
  • Toad Oil
  • Scroll of Drain
  • Beastman Blood
  • Mythril Beastcoin
  • Cotton Cloth
  • Fiend Blood

  • Strategy for 2 DD and one Healer

    There are many other strategies for combinations of Beastmasters, Summoners, etc., but this BCNM can be done quite easily with just two DDs, and one healer.

    Our basic setup included the following:

    • WAR/MNK (Me)
    • DRG/WAR (Valsery)
    • WHM/BLM (or WHM/SMN)

    The WAR should probablu equip normal axe and use a sheild because they will be taking a lot of damage and every little bit of defense helps. The Second DD could really be any DD job that can dish out a lot of damage at that level, but they should always sub WAR for the secondary provoke. Also, the WAR should probably sub MNK because, at 20, subbing NIN just doesn't give you anything very useful for this BCNM.

    The 3 mobs have different abilities and strengths. Pepper is undoubtedly the toughest of the three with the most HP and the strongest attacks. Phoedme is second toughest with decent HP and marginal attacks. Prune is the weakest.

    Phoedme has a special ability called "Deep Kiss" which will drain you of one of your buffs. This means that Phoedme can suck off a food effect, job ability, or even two hour ability. This makes Phoedme potentially quite evil. Additionally, Pepper and Phoedme have the general leech abilities to drain HP or MP from you.

    Our strategy was to take Pepper first, followed by Prune, and finally Phoedme. The reason for this was that Prune could be killed fairly quickly between the two tougher leeches. If you want, I'd bet that you could kill Pepper and Phoedme first and then finish off with Prune.

    1. We started the battle with the WHM buffing us up at the entrance. Protectra and Shellra for the group, followed by blink for the WHM. The WHM popped a Melon Pie and rested to full MP. Meanwhile, the DRG and WAR used foods accordingly (in our case, the DRG popped a mithkabob, and the WAR popped either an Eel Kabob for the evasion or a Roast Pipira for the DEX).

    2. When the WHM was ready, we moved to the edge of the arena. The DRG positioned himself on the left wall, the WAR on the right. By doing this, both DDs can see very clearly if a leech runs for the mage and can provoke it off of them.

    3. The DRG targets Pepper, and locks on. They then signal the WAR who pulls Pepper with an Acid bolt. If the Acid bolt misses, then the WAR should try again later on in the battle (if you can get a "Defense down" on any or all of the leeches your life will be much easier).

    4. The DRG and the WAR engage Pepper. The other leeches should begin to attack the WAR.

    5. If any of the leeches start towards the WHM, the WAR and DRG should voke them off of them. Be sure to coordinate before the battle the provoke order, as if you both provoke the same leech you may leave a second leech still pummelling the WHM.

    6. The WHM should basically just heal the WAR. If the DRG takes hate and the WAR cannot pull the leech off, then obviously the WHM should heal them. Ultimately, the WHM needs to be very careful about pulling hate here. The WAR and DRG should carry Potions (preferably Hi-Potions or even X-Potions) to help with the healing burden and keep the leeches off the WHM.

    If all goes well, you should be able to beat this BCNM without a death and without having to use any 2-hour attacks or buffs (well, except for the DRG's Wyvern ;-)

    Every single time we have done this BCNM, the Mannequin Hands have dropped. This means that you will probably at least emerge from this BCNM with 600k-800k worth of items.

    At any rate, that has been our strategy :-)

    BCNM 40 Undying Promise

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    Thanks, I've placed your guide here. If I copied it incorrectly, you can either fix it yourself or ask me to.

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