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BCNM 40: Undying Promise
Submitted by Gaara on Tue, 08/09/2005 - 13:54.

Strategy for beating the BCNM "Undying Promise" by Gaara (aka, Raytien). This BCNM drops many great items, including Utsusemi: Ni and the Tourney Patas. For Monks and Ninjas, this is an awesome BCNM that they excel at. Read on for more.

BCNM Name: Undying Promise
BCNM Level Cap: 40
Orb Required: Star Orb
Location: Fei'Yin
Maximum Party Size: 3
Enemies: Ghul-I-Beaban; family type - skeleton
Time Limit: 15 minutes
  • Behourd Lance
  • Bone Chip
  • Calveley's Dagger
  • Elegant Shield
  • Gold Ingot
  • Jennet Shield
  • Jongleur's Dagger
  • Kagehide
  • Mutilator
  • Mythril Beastcoin
  • Mythril Ingot
  • Ohaguro
  • Platinum Ingot
  • Raifu
  • Ram Skin
  • Scroll: Absorb-STR
  • Scroll: Erase
  • Scroll: Fire Spirit Pact
  • Scroll: Ice Spikes
  • Scroll: Phalanx
  • Scroll: Refresh
  • Scroll: Utsusemi: Ni
  • Tourney Patas
  • Wyvern Scales

  • Party Setup

    • Primary DD - Monk/Warrior

      When comparing Monk job to other melee type jobs such as Samurai, Dark Knight, Dragoon, and Thief. Monk is second to none when it comes to killing bones. Having said this a Monk job DD is the obvious choice for this spot in the party.
    • Tank and Secondary DD - Ninja/Warrior (recommended)

      First let me say that I personally have only run this BCNM with Ninja as tank so I cannot scrutinize Paladin vs. Ninja in an unbiased manner. However it is worth mentioning one very important attribute that a level 40 Ninja brings to the table that a Paladin cannot equal, Utsusemi Ni. The fact that a Ninja will take less hits in the long run, even considering that a Paladin can cure himself, will be extremely beneficial to the conservation of healer's MP pool.
    • Healer - White Mage/Summoner

      Ultimately when it comes to this spot in the party there is absolutely no substitute for a White Mage with a Summoner sub job. The reasoning for this is simply the over grown MP pool gained from the combination which will be the key to winning in this fight.

    Equipment Foods and Meds

    • DD and Tank

      Starting with meds, I would like to say the number and quality of meds you decide to bring is optional but could prove detrimental so chose your selection carefully. My recommendation is to bring at least 8 to 10 if not a few more hi potions. Also a hyper potion as an absolute last resort as it will cost you 30k but will fill your hp in a matter of seconds (again, optional). I also keep my meds on macro so I don't have to fumble around in item menus in emergency. Secondly for foods, understanding that Ninja is a secondary DD to Monk it becomes clear that DD type food is probably a good idea. Meat Myth-kabobs are the generic choice for the DD type jobs and is suitable when put to use in this venue, though if u desire a more specific result use a more specific food such as sushi for large accuracy bonus or rice dumplings for accuracy, dexterity, and strength bonuses. For Monk if you have a Life Belt and Jujitsu Gi and maybe though not necessary a Sniper's Ring accuracy food wont be needed so the more strength the better. As far as a Ninja goes I don't know if accuracy among bones type fights is a concern though I would suggest a food more towards the strength side of the spectrum as well. My only judgment on this is seeing my Ninja friend having no problems landing hits on the skelly.
    • White Mage

      To state it bluntly, it is my opinion that the healer has the hardest job in this BCNM. The equipment, sub job, food, and meds should reflect this point. I highly recommend wearing all the MP+ gear that you can muster. I cannot stress enough the importance of the White Mage mana pool. So bring the best MP+ food you can get, ginger cookie or roast mushroom I have been told are good for this type of situation. Also MP regen or refresh drinks are mandatory, Yagudo Drinks will suffice. At least 3 per fight, on average each fight will last about 15 minutes bring enough food and drinks to accommodate this same goes for DD and Tank.

    Fight Preparation

    As you stand before the iridescent glow of the burning circle you should take time to map out full party organization to make sure the strategy is fresh in your brain. Equip your level 40 gear macro check (I personally like to have all my meds macro'ed, saves me from having to fumble around in item menus) and full party heal. Keep in mind that buffs like protect shell and reraise will not zone through so you will have to cast these after all have entered.

    Crunch Time

    Once the orb has been traded to the circle you will have 2 choices of fighter to partake in, choose "Undying Promise" and level is restricted to 40. Use foods and pro/shell now also if you brought a reraise scroll now is the time to use it as well. Run forward down the passage in a line Ninja first followed by Monk, and lastly White Mage. The enemy will be standing in the center of the room you will come to and he will aggro the first person in line.

    Enemy Stats.

    In a basic layout you will only be fighting one enemy an Undead (aka Skeleton) that goes by the name "Ghul-I-Beaban". Though you will fight him a total of 5 times. With each reincarnation he will have grow larger, stronger and after his second death he will change jobs. Fight 1 and 2 he will be a Dark Knight, while fight 3-5 he will spawn as a Black Mage.

    The first two fights will go quickly and fairly easily. The Ninja will absorbs the blunt of this DD type fighter's attacks with Utsusemi, though Monk may pull hate from time to time. White Mage should spend the majority of these two fights a safe distance away taking a knee to heal MP and should absolutely minimize if not refusing to cast at all short of letting Monk or Ninja die. With the second Dark Knight bones dead the real fun begins.

    As a Black Mage the bones is a formidable enemy, he will spam AoE spells at this point that by themselves aren't hugely damaging but they add up quickly. The ninja is going to have to stay on his toes to keep shadows up, so the greater percent of the DD done will be Monk dealt. Make sure to time weapon skills and skill chains towards the end of the current skeletons health bar so that Monk does not pull too much hate and turn the skelly. White Mage is going to be more active with cures now but still concentrate on the conservation of mana and take a knee whenever possible. Though you will need to be vigilant for low health because of the delay to get to your feet you may rise too late and find Ninja or Monk face down. Also use cure 3 sparingly if at all as it cost more mana per cast and too many will bring the fight to you.

    The last two spawns are increasingly more difficult but don't panic and keep to the strategy. He is going to take longer to kill and the AoE spells are going to hit noticabley harder. White Mage probably will not have time to heal at this point but if you see a window open do not hesitate to do so, but this is the time and reason you have been conserving. Though still conserve as much as possible for the last fight will take the most damage by far. Tank make sure to time your vokes so that you can hit him with it at the beginning of each re-spawn because for some reason about 90% of the time the skelly will re-spawn facing the DD. The DD will gain the most hate in the beginning of each re-spawn during the time that the enemy is casting buffs on itself.

    For the last fight Tank and DD do not hesitate to start popping potions the AoE's are going to hit hard. Try to kill this one as fast as possible to minimize the damage he is going to do to you. Finally with the fifth skeleton you can rest easy open the chest that will spawn just after his death to receive prizes uncap level and zone out of the fighting arena. Heal up in the area you will zone to after the chest is opened. Maior has written up a paragraph on the distribution of rewards that I believe to be the universal understanding of BCNM parties, and I consider to be a very fair practice.

    Upon Reflection

    I think it is important that it be said that even by following any strategy to its fullest no fight is exactly the same. Instinct and team work play a large roll in the success of any operation. Also let it be said that you win some and you lose some. Though the true objective behind BCNM is profit, don't lose your head if a battle is lost, chalk it up as a learning experience and go into it the next time with more wisdom.

    Anyways hope this helps. cya in game 'o.~

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